While all weddings are unique, we believe that our day-of coordination service is a pretty well oiled machine able to handle even the most complex of wedding days. Designed over several years to ensure that all of your wedding i’s are dotted, t’s crossed and that you are well staffed in case any snafus should arise, our “d.o.c.” service takes you through a well thought out process that begins about a month before the big day.

Once you decide to work with us, we match you up with a Lead Coordinator and a support team that can best facilitate your day.  Perhaps you’d like to have someone around who speaks Mandarin Chinese.  Perhaps you need someone who is particularly good at managing large wedding parties.  Let us know and we’ll assemble the team best suited for your needs!

About 4 weeks before, you will sit down for a “Marathon Meeting” with your Coordinator to go over the details of your day, troubleshoot any things that you may not have spoken about and develop your timeline.  Your event manager will then reach out to all of your vendors to make sure that everyone is on the same page!

On the Day of the wedding itself, our team will be there to oversee all aspects of the day- from vendor set up, to photo sessions and of course, the reception.  From $3750. 


For some of us, the Dream Wedding takes us far beyond the New York area to a land more exotic.  The pleasures of having a Destination Wedding can sometimes come with the headache of assembling a team who works at a pace slower than a "New York Minute".  For couples who are traveling out of the NY Area who are looking for a person to "project manage" their local team, assist in styling the details of your decor just so and be a point person on site, Just About Married offers you Destination Day-of.   One of our Lead Coordinators will take over for you as the point person for your destination wedding about 60 days in advance and of course travel with you to run the show on the day itself.  Mexico, Jamaica, The South of France, no locale is too far for us to travel.  


The beauty of Just About Married is that we've gotten to see A LOT of weddings.. hundreds in fact.  We know who is good and we know who is great.  It is our pleasure to provide you with a list of vendor referrals tailored to your budget needs from our extensive vendor network as a courtesy to all of our clients.