Wedding Escort Card Displays

How do you want to welcome your guests to their table? There are so many different ways to display an escort card. From super creative to keeping it simple,  here are many varieties to look at. 

In this photo by Dave Robbins Photography,  the couple opted for an escort card that not only goes along with the decor,  but it is also a beautiful gift for their guests to leave with. 

Floral arrangements were created by  Nicolette Camille

Floral arrangements were created by Nicolette Camille

This next escort card option is another floral inspired idea by Graceful Gardens. Why not keep it simple but beautiful. 

Photography by  Jami Saunders

Photography by Jami Saunders

Here is a creative way to display an escort card! This photo, by Sue Kessler of Christian Oth Studios, really shows you that this bride and groom thought about every detail down to the seating.

Tree escort card display! Photo by Christian Oth Studios

Here is an idea with an extra special touch. This couple used their artistic ability and hung their escort cards with clothespins.

Photo by  Levi Stolove

Photo by Levi Stolove