Wedding Day Transportation Ideas!

Have you planned your grand entrance to your wedding? More interested in making a grand exit? Well, we have all the New York/ Tri-State area transportation options for you! Can't wait to share a few different options that we've seen from our stylish Just About Married couples!

So you want a special car, but want it to be a bit fun and whimsical? Then may we suggest a classic New York City taxi! You can give Mario at Silver Star Limousine a call! 

If you want something in that style, but want a few more options, then give FilmCars a call! They have a fabulous inventory...and they are lovely to work with:) 

Dina and Evan step in their Vintage Cab! Photo by Laffler Photography
Phillipa & Clint ride away in their vintage taxi car! Photo by Christian Oth Studios.

Want to opt for something more low key, but still special? Try a luxury sedan from Carey Car Company!

Annie and Manuel make their way to their reception in their luxury black town car. Photo by Brookelyn Photography.

Maybe the car you've always dreamt of is a little more traditional. One of the most popular options is still a classic Rolls Royce or Bentley. If you are interested in something more along these lines, you should give the people at Silver Star Limousine a call!

Antonella in her classic car en route to her wedding! Photo by The Thompson Group
Alexis in her vintage classic car! Photo by Robert Wagner Photography.

Do you feel every option I've given you is boring? Want something a little more out of the box? Then you might want to give Gotham Dream cars a call! Our clients chose this amazing Lamborghini, but there are a few options for you. This is your chance/excuse to finally rent a car like this!!

Exotic Car for Wedding Getaway!

Let us know what car you like best!