Wedding Planning Tips at the 5th Avenue Apple Store

We are so excited to announce that Just About Married will be at the 5th Avenue Apple store giving tips on how couples can plan and manage an incredible wedding! Come join Rebecca Joyce from our team as she gives information and takes questions!! 

She will be giving general information, telling you a little about how our day of coordination service works, and helping you use technology to plan your wedding day! 

Please go to the Apple store to register for this event! 

Just About Married at The NYC Apple Store

Bridal Party Style!

You've set a date, started the planning and selected some of your closest friends and family to stand by your side on the big day. What's next? It's time to help your bridal party pick their dresses! It can be hard to select the perfect dress for so many different people with their own style. Here  are a few options that these brides selected to make their bridal parties shine!

Jen simply picked a common color and let her bridal party do the rest. This is the perfect way to keep the color scheme while making your friends and family happy! In this photo by Shannen Natasha Photography, this bridal party looks amazing!

These bridesmaids all wore matching dresses with a simple design that made all three of them look beautiful! They were able to show their own personality by accessorizing with flowers, flower crowns and jewelry. 

This wedding had a vintage feel and the bridesmaids dresses were spot on! The bride selected two different dresses, but dresses that were in the same style, for her bridesmaids to wear. In the photo by Cappy Hotchkiss Photography, the bridesmaids are wearing dresses that really complemented the brides gown, the flowers and the wedding decor. Click here to check out the rest of the wedding!

This bridal party definitely has style! All of these bridesmaids chose very different dresses to represent themselves, but yet they all looked amazing together. From the sheath dress to the off the shoulder tea-length dress, they all look stylishly unique. 

These ideas are just a few ways you can make your bridal party look and feel stylish! There are so many dresses to check out, so happy shopping! 

Sweet Ideas

As a wedding guest, one of the most anticipated food items of the night is the cake! I know as a bride, you search for creative ways to make the dessert portion of the evening an interesting one. Here are some delicious ideas that will have your guests talking.

Elana and Amit not only had a gorgeous cake, they had an entire table devoted to sweets! This idea gives your guest many sugary options to choose from.

Photo by Lindsay Hite of  ReadyLuck  and delicious desserts by  Moveable Feast ,  One Girl Cookies ,  Four and Twenty Blackbirds  and  Bklyn Larder .

Photo by Lindsay Hite of ReadyLuck and delicious desserts by Moveable Feast, One Girl Cookies, Four and Twenty Blackbirds and Bklyn Larder.

Sydney and Chris took their cake from the Wythe Hotel and added a personalized cake topper. This topper wan't only adorable, but it was a special touch added by the bride and groom. It's little things like this that make your wedding feel like one of a kind.

This cupcake "cake" by Baked NYC was the perfect way for this couple to add a unique spin to the desserts. There are no rules when selecting a wedding cake. If you love cupcakes, then go ahead and create a new idea with something you love!

Photo by Dave Robbins Photography

Photo by Dave Robbins Photography

Annie and Manuel wanted to create something that was special to them. These chocolate locks and keys by The Frosted Petticoat represent their engagement in Paris while the typewriters represent their jobs. Their guests were able to indulge in delicious chocolates while the couple was able to share a little part of themselves.

 Heather Barranco Dreamcakes designed the perfect cake for Dina and Evan. This cake worked so well with the decor that it ended up enhancing the overall design scheme! 

Photo by Laffler Photography

Photo by Laffler Photography

These are just a few sweet ideas that could give your wedding the special touch it needs!

Flowers in your hair

As winter slowly makes it's way out the door it's hard not to daydream about spring, summer, and of course flowers!  With so many beautiful buds to choose and use it's hard to keep track of all the options!  Whether you're aiming to add romance to a sleek up-do, an extra bouncy boho detail, or tie together a few more of those extra pretty touches; there's nothing better than fragrant, flouncy petals in your hair to relax you on your big day!  So, from full on flower crowns to a a more subtle touch, here are some of our favorite floral accessory trends for brides and their bridal parties.

We absolutely loved Elana's bridal floral crown complete with bold blooms and delicate elements! Her Brooklyn summer wedding was bright and colorful and this floral headpiece fit right it.   This look was created for Elana by Poppies and Posies for her big day and  Readyluck was there to capture this amazing photo of the smiling bride!


Elana's floral headpiece from Poppies and Possies / Photo by Readyluck/ Day of Coordination by Just About Married

Like the idea of incorporating flowers in your hair but think a crown is too much for your style or venue?  Our next bride perfectly complimented her wedding at the Bowery Hotel by adding a couple small flowers and a huge amount of romance to her sweeping relaxed up-do shown here in a photo captured by Christian Oth Studios.

Floral details! Photo by Christian Oth Studios/ Day of Coordination by Just About Married

Next, the only thing more fun than this champagne toast are these floral crowns for bridesmaids that Crest Florist created for Phillipa's bridal party at Alder ManorChristian Oth Studios took this incredible photo of the bridal party and with beautiful colors throughout the different sizes and textures of these pieces let each bridesmaid show their own personality.  A great option for the bride that wants her girls to have their flowers all night long but knows they won't be holding onto their bouquets once they hit the dance floor.  Plus, dancing is always more fun with flowers in your hair! 

Bridesmaids Floral accessories by/ Photo by Christian Oth Studios/ Day of Coordination by Just About Married.

Even kids can get in on this look!  And we hope they do since the only thing cuter than a little girl throwing flower petals is a little girl wearing them!  This adorable photo from Shannen Natasha shows you exactly why you should consider this look! From a more traditional look to fairy princess  there's nothing more adorable than letting you're flower girl play dress up with one of these crowns! This floral crown was created for this amazing flower girl by Stone Fox Bride. 

Flower girl cuteness! Floral by Stone Fox Floral/ Photo by Shannen Natasha/ Day of Coordination by Just About Married

Do you love this look?  If you do, talk with your florist about options that might go with your other wedding details! 




Just A Pop Of Color

Some brides want to keep their "wedding day look" classic while some look for ways to add that extra something to their look. A simple pop of color can take that beautiful white gown and make it shine. Here are a few ways these brides incorporated color.

In this photo by Levi Stolove , this bride selected a fun and playful shoe as a way to add a little color to her look.

These polka dot shoes give this bridal style a great pop of color! Photo by Levi Stolove Wedding Photography

Another simple but elegant way to add a pop of color to your look is to accessorize. In this photo by Shannen Natasha, Jen is wearing a broach to complete her look.

Love the turquoise detail on this vintage wedding dress! Photo by Shannen Natasha.

For those brides that are looking for another bold and beautiful option, the flower crown is an amazing way to add color. In this photo by Lindsay Hite of Readyluck, Elana is looking gorgeous with pops of pink throughout the crown created by Poppies and Posies

We loved Elana's colorful bridal floral crown by Poppies and Posies. Photo by Levi Stolove.

Are you thinking of incorporating a fun detail? Tell us all about it!!

Wedding Escort Card Displays

How do you want to welcome your guests to their table? There are so many different ways to display an escort card. From super creative to keeping it simple,  here are many varieties to look at. 

In this photo by Dave Robbins Photography,  the couple opted for an escort card that not only goes along with the decor,  but it is also a beautiful gift for their guests to leave with. 

Floral arrangements were created by  Nicolette Camille

Floral arrangements were created by Nicolette Camille

This next escort card option is another floral inspired idea by Graceful Gardens. Why not keep it simple but beautiful. 

Photography by  Jami Saunders

Photography by Jami Saunders

Here is a creative way to display an escort card! This photo, by Sue Kessler of Christian Oth Studios, really shows you that this bride and groom thought about every detail down to the seating.

Tree escort card display! Photo by Christian Oth Studios

Here is an idea with an extra special touch. This couple used their artistic ability and hung their escort cards with clothespins.

Photo by  Levi Stolove

Photo by Levi Stolove

What is your Bridal Bouquet Style?

There are so many personal touches that help you create your very own Bridal Style. One of our favorites is your bridal bouquet. So many options! Are you going to a simple "just picked these myself on my way to the ceremony", or something more in line with a floral art piece? If you want to see a couple of different options, keep reading! 

Tamara wanted something simple and classic to compliment her Vera Wang gown. This all white bouquet from Belle Fleur is both stunning and formal enough to suit the Bowery Hotel wedding. The differing blooms makes the bouquet look interesting, but the pops of green keep it from falling flat, and also keep it from blending into the dress in photos! 

All white bouquet by Belle Fleur photographed by Christian Oth Studios.

Elana's wanted something a little more colorful and playful for her Prospect Park Picnic House Wedding! She opted for this gorgeous bouquet by Poppies and Posies is varying shades of pink. The shape, size, and colors pop against her delicate lace dress. Perfect choice for an outdoor summer wedding!

Vibrant bridal bouquet by Poppies and Posies. Photo by Readyluck.

Lindsay was looking for something a little more off the beaten path. She opted for this incredible bouquet by Blossom and Branch. The greenery with pops of succulents and curly willow suited her non-traditional style. This looked perfect against her Marchesa dress and were perfect at her Smack Mellon wedding!

Wild floral Bridal bouquet by Blossom and Branch. Photo by Karen Wise.

Sometimes your bridal bouquet selection is just as simple as choosing your favorite flower! This bouquet was chosen to match a simple wedding dress. The bouquet was also no-fuss, and simply  made from the bride's favorite flower, Lily of the Valley. Melarosa created a green border around the bouquet to make sure it didn't disappear against the dress in photos. What a perfect Spring bouquet! 

One flower simplicity by Melarosa. Photo by Heather Waraksa.

Looking for something a little more textured? Want something that is Fall like, but not  "orange leaf " like in style? Well, take a look at this stunning creation by Lewis Miller Design. The varying soft shades give this bouquet depth and texture. In love!

Bridal bouquet by LMD Designs. Photo by Christian Oth.

Elizabeth's bouquet from Saipua took our breath away! The loose and natural floral style was perfect for this Bowery Hotel wedding! My favorite thing about this bouquet is that it works for any season!

Bridal Bouquet by Saipua. Photo by Weddings by Two.

Now, we saved the best for last! While all of these bouquets were stunning, our favorite is the one below! Fiona's mom made this bouquet from paper flowers for Fiona's wedding day. Not only was it fabulous, but it was a personal touch that she can keep and treasure for years to come! 

Bridal Paper flower bouquet created by the brides mother. Photo by Brookelyn

What is your wedding bouquet style?

Wedding Day Transportation Ideas!

If you are getting married in New York and are looking for some interesting ways to make your entrance (or exit!) you will want to read this blogpost. Leaning towards a vintage New York cab? Want to go a little more classic in a Classic Rolls Royce? Or are you more interested in a flashy Lamborghini? Well we've got all of the options here for you!

Read More

Winter Bridal Accessories

So, you decided to say "I do" during a winter month. Winter weddings are so warm and cozy! Also, we live in New York and that takes us a big chunk of the year, so we get it. Now you need to figure out how you will keep stylishly warm! How can you get those amazing photos walking around the city if you are chilly? Well, we have some options for you! Below you will see 3 of our past Just About Married clients and their stylish Winter accessories! 

Alexis rocked this ivory stole for her December wedding. Not only did it keep her warm, but it added a soft glow to her wedding style! Photo by  Robert Wagner Photography . Love this look? Check out these similar styles!  Want the real thing? Here is the vintage option that you might like on  Etsy ! Love the look, but don't want real fur (or the price tag), then check out this option on  Anthropologie ! Love the look and color, but want a little something with more protection against the elements? I think you might like this option from  Nordstrom !

Alexis rocked this ivory stole for her December wedding. Not only did it keep her warm, but it added a soft glow to her wedding style! Photo by Robert Wagner Photography. Love this look? Check out these similar styles!

Want the real thing? Here is the vintage option that you might like on Etsy! Love the look, but don't want real fur (or the price tag), then check out this option on Anthropologie! Love the look and color, but want a little something with more protection against the elements? I think you might like this option from Nordstrom!

Elizabeth was married last December and choose this gorgeous jacket to keep warm! LOVE! Photo by Heather Waraksa at The Bowery Hotel.

If you love it to you can replicate it with something like this Fabulous Furs (the name is misleading, they are all faux:)! If you would like something less faux, you can try this from Bloomingdales! Love the style, but want a slightlly lighter color, try this Topshop option!

Love Hayley's pearl encrusted coat? So did we! Sadly, this was so unique that I searched high and low and couldn't find anything quite like it.  Photo by Dave Robbins Photography at The Bowery Hotel.

If you like the general look, then I think I can help: Check this option out this Derek Lam option! Or what about this Maison Martin option on Net-a-Porter? 

Did you get married during the winter? Let us know what fabulous accessories you wore!


Wedding Receptions at The Bowery Hotel

We work in venues all through the Tri-State area. From apple orchards in the Hudson Valley to lofts in Brooklyn, we are lucky to be a part of so many different wedding days! However, there is one place that has a special place in our heart, The Bowery Hotel. It is such a special property with so much character and style, but it is always amazing to see what each couple adds to the space. We have seen it change from a light and airy Spring wedding, to a lush and floral fall event, all with special details that personalize it to each couples tastes.

Since we have seen so many different wonderful looks at The Bowery Hotel, we thought we would share a few of them with you. If you are newly engaged and looking for a space, we want to show you what a few different couples have done to make it their own!

This post will focus on the receptions, as that is what we usually get questions about. But don't worry, we will get to ceremony set-ups soon!


Two long tables in the main room are typically the way that guests are seated. Perri & chose a soft ivory linens and florals to run along the tables. They added custom burlap runners to give the look a different texture. A row of candlesticks added to the romantic vibe of the table. Photo by Kristy May.

Thinking about a fall wedding? Look at the fall explosion that LMD Designs created in the space. The fall colors filled the main room as guests dined, again on two long tables, surrounded by the colors of the season. Photo by Christian Oth Studios

Fall design by LMD Designs at Bowery Hotel photographed by Christian Oth Studios. Day of Planner Just About Married NY

Thinking of something in the summer season? Well, check out this floral design by Belle Fleur done in all white. The crisp white linens, lush white florals, and taper candles in varying heights helped give this space a fresh and summery look. This look was captured by Christian Oth Studios. I have added a close up of the table, but if you want to see more, you can see more in Bride's Magazine !

All white wedding design by Belle Fleur at The Bowery Hotel. Photo by Christian Oth Studios. Day of Management by Just About Married
Wedding floral centerpiece by Belle Fluer at The Bowery Hotel. Photo by Christian Oth Studios. Day of Planner Just About Married

Okay, so now to show you a different set-up. Annie and Neil decided to spice things up, and rather than use the "reception room"  for dining, they opted to use the other room. Slightly different in it's layout, but equally stunning! My favorite part of this wonderful reception are the textured linens that give the table settings such an amazing texture! Photo by Christian Oth Studios

Bowery Hotel Wedding Reception photo by Christian Oth

Loving the space, but feeling like you need more space? You can split guests up between the two rooms like Elizabeth & Greg. The glass walls and keeping the doors open made this setup feel the rooms feel connected with this set-up. Gorgeous florals by Saipua and candle light made the room feel warm and cozy. Photo by Heather Waraksa

Using both rooms at The Bowery Hotel

These layouts are all different, but all stunning. There is no way to go wrong at the Bowery Hotel! If you are getting married at this venue we hope that these photos help you start to think about how you would like to see the room! If you aren't, then I hope that these table settings inspired you!!



Happy Valentine's Day!!

Wishing all of you a Happy Valentine's Day! 

Now, we know that this is a day about love, but that doesn't have to be romantic love. Be sure to be extra special to all of those who fill your days with love and friendship! 

No one does Valentines Day like Darcy Miller! Every year her Valentine's Day cards brighten our day. If you need some last minute ideas, check out this site:! 

No one does Valentines Day like Darcy Miller! Every year her Valentine's Day cards brighten our day. If you need some last minute ideas, check out this site:! 

Bethany & Uli at The River Cafe

The bride is from Nebraska, and the groom is from Mexico, but they are both true New Yorkers at heart!  With wedding guests from all around the world (ten different countries!), Bethany and Uli still managed to keep their wedding small and intimate.


The wedding ceremony was held where Bethany and Uli's usual Sunday mass is held: beautiful St. Ignatius Loyola on Park Avenue in the city.


Afterward, we crossed over to Brooklyn and celebrated at The River Cafe, which sits right under the Brooklyn Bridge.  It has one of the most stunning views of Manhattan!


Congratulations Bethany and Uli!

This amazing wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty... click here for the full article!

You can also check out this beautiful couple's engagement photos featured on the blog of Karen Wise.

Ceremony Venue: St. Ignatius Loyola

Reception Location, Cake & Catering: The River Café

Band: Hank Lane

Flowers: United Floral

Linens & Rentals: Classic Party Rentals

Hair & Makeup: Face Time Beauty

Limo: Tran-Star Executive

Stationery: Lion in the Sun

Photography: Karen Wise Photography

Engagement Shoot: Yeay or Nay?

If you are recently engaged, you have probably spent a considerable amount of time looking through photography sites. It can be addictive!! You want to make sure that you hire the right person. After all, these photos will hang on your walls for the rest of your life! 

When photographers are quoting you pricing, there are usually options for albums and engagement sessions. Wondering what to do? Well, let start with engagement sessions. Should you have an engagement shoot? Our vote is yes! Let us tell you why!

1. Get comfortable- If you are someone who hates having your photo taken, then you might think that this makes no sense. However, you are exactly who needs this! Spending an afternoon taking photos with your fiancee and your photographer before the big day will help you relax a bit, and get more comfortable with the person behind the camera. That, I guarantee you, will produce better photos on the wedding day! You will look your best when you are relaxed and comfortable!

2. Learn from Mariah- Mariah Carey famously would not let her left side be photographed for years, and would force her "good side" on every photographer. Now, that is a bit excessive! Yet, there are certainly ways and angeles that we all like. Well, think of the engagement session as a way for your photographer to figure that out! What works best? How do they get you to look your best? Your engagement session is a perfect way for them to perfect photographing the two of you!

3. Fabulous photos in everyday attire - I once went to a house filled with photos of the couple on their wedding day...and only of them on that day. It was almost like they had met  on their day and decided to spontaneously walk down the aisle! I get how this happens. You look your best that day, so it is so tempting to swap out some of your other shots with wedding photos! Well, this gives you a chance to have amazing photos of the two of regular clothes. Now you won't have to search for a photo to send to the New York Times!!

I'll leave you with engagement session eye candy! This is Dina & Evan, photographed by Laffler Photography in Central Park.  They were so fabulous that it made me excited to see photos of their wedding at Angel Orensanz this past September! 



Hope you enjoy! 


A guide for the Newly Engaged!

 Happy New Year! We wish you a fabulous 2014! For all of you who got engaged over the holiday season, there is something we would love to share with you. Our (big) sister company AaB Creates put together a Digital guide to help all newly engaged couples. It's fabulous advice every New York Couple should read!! 

Some things that you will find in the guide:

* Tips on how to ENJOY the engagement process! 

* Where do you get started?

* What does a New York City wedding really cost? For all of you looking through Pinterest and falling in love with ideas, this will give you a sense of what some of those ideas cost!

Download it here for free! 

Happy Planning! 


Tara & Erich at New Leaf Cafe

The New Leaf Cafe in Fort Tryon Park is one of those special New York gems. Located uptown and accessible by subway, the Fort Tryon Park is a perfect place for anyone looking for an outdoor ceremony surrounded by trees and the Hudson in the background.

Isn't this an amazing bridal party shot? It shows that you can let your girlfriends be themselves AND still rock the bridal party photo! 

 The couples fun and playful style was evident everywhere. From the bunting hung on the tent, to the whimsical paper details on the table, this reception was as playful as the couple themselves!

Venue: The New Leaf Cafe

Floral: Gardenia Organic

Photography: Levi Stolove Photography